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Door fittings

All the architectural ironmongery you will need for your door solutions to make your interior complete – whether it’s industrial or residential.

If you’re looking for slim and elegant lever handles, pull handles, cable transfers, hinges and lock cases – look no more.

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    Door control

    Here you find our high quality range of door closers, door coordinators, door magnets and control units.

    Pull handles

    An extensive range of high-quality pull handles suitable for all kinds of doors in any material.

    Cable transfers

    Welcome to our world of cable transfers!

    High-quality cable transfers in all kinds of materials and finishes, different sizes and various springs. All your cabling will fit perfectly, and not least: it will look better than ever.

    Lever bolt

    Here you will find a lever bolt for virtually all types of door configurations. Anything from small manual lever bolts to more powerful automatic ones. If you have a steel, aluminum or wooden door - no problem. Our range of lever bolts is wide  - and it's constantly growing. Keep an eye on our site, more news with unique and smart lever bolts will be launched soon.

    Cylinder fittings

    A wide and varied range of different fittings around the cylinder. Both for the cylinder side of door and oposite, thumb turns. Fit scandinavian round, oval and rokoko cylinder and also euro cylinder. The assortment also includes various of blind rosettes and cylinder extensions.

    Sliding door hardware

    Our wide range of sliding door fittings for wood and steel doors. Includes handles and bowls for light to heavy doors, toilet locks, standard tracks for wall and ceiling, barn door style for round tube and various guides.

    Lock cases

    Our rich selection of high-quality lock cases - designed primarily for glass doors. For best quality result - complete with our lock fittings ROCA RG-441 or RG-470.

    Balcony door lock

    A unique selection of different locking solutions for the most common balcony doors. Choose from various models of handles for different types of locking and design. Note: When locking function is in the actual handle, use series WH-3020 and WH-3010, both tested and approved according to SS3620. For the espagnolette with in-built locking function we have the series WH-301. All our lockable handles are available in our popular design series, Tyresö, Prästö, and Björkö.


    Lock the double or folding door with any of our espagnolettes. A wide range of espagnolettes for passive slave door or a folding partition. Comes in different materials like steel and acid proof stainless steel and versions for inbuilt in the door or placed on the door leaf. Rods in several materials and shapes.

    Lever handles

    Among ROCAs wide range of high-quality lever handles you will find modern tubular handles in stainless steel and classic handles in massive chrome-plated brass. You will also find all the accessories necessary for that ultimate door solution - ball handles, blind rosettes, and key rosettes. All - of course - in the same impeccable ROCA quality.

    Door hinges

    A high quality assortment of door hinges. Several in electro polished acid proof stainless steel for very harsh environments. Many comes also with CE-approved.


    Supplement the door with our door accessories like door viewers, door bells, trailing edge security bolts and thumb turn cover.